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Confidence in motion.

"We inspire, lead and facilitate individuals to access their optimum potential through movement, diet and lifestyle as well as physical and psychological therapies. We even offer the opportunity to work with us if you like what we do and want a different way of earning a living. Over the last 30 years, we have developed a range of skills and knowledge that we have brought together under the umbrella we call 'Enhance'. Because enhancing your wellbeing and giving you confidence in motion is our passion."                                      

Mike  & Lindsey

Inspiring and leading with sincerity.

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"I first met Lindsey over 30 years ago when she taught fitness classes locally. It's been incredible to watch her grow as a person and a business woman. With an unstoppable thirst for knowledge, I have seen her move from NHS Management to consultancy and then becoming one of the first fitness instructors in the North to train in Pilates. A world first and bestseller ‘Pilates in Pregnancy’ Video / DVD and then an incredible health product team business. Running like a thread through everything she does is wanting to help people with their mental and physical health. Great to see her join forces with her husband who is one of the only trained Physiotherapists in the area who offers sports massage. What a team!"    Linda . B (longterm class client)

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