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"You and your Pilates! You've transformed my life and I can't thank you enough. It's not just the Pilates though. It's the way you deliver the teaching that makes it count and I really appreciate the confidence you have given me" 

                                                                                      Lynda.J (Class member)

Pilates in Pregnancy Video - "The most effective depiction of T. A. contraction I have seen on a video .... safe exercises, meticulous instruction and quality of routine is amongst the best I have seen .... completely safe for the pregnant client."

                                                                        Lauren . P (Women's Health Coordinator)

Classes are a mixture of on line, in person and on demand. See the timetable below and book as many as suit you. 

There's Pilates and then there's More than Pilates. Lindsey teaches movement with an array of skill, knowledge and passion!
Explore our online and in-person programmes, from an introductory course to advanced workshops.  Find out about our corporate packages and support your whole organisation to move more, free up their creative energy and be WELL!
Let Lindsey’s 25 years of experience guide you to feeling your best. She has a way of making it look easy but ensuring you get the results you want. Her knowledge of human motivation and her experience in the world of positive psychology also means she brings just the right amount of drive and challenge, to draw out your best. Trained in Yoga and fitness she often combines disciplines that flow and hypnotise you to switch off from a busy life and feel relief mentally and physically. Her work has ranged from helping people avoid expensive chiropractic care to performing their first ever half marathon after having a bad back. Pre and post hip surgery clients have been amazed at the speed of recovery and pregnant mums have felt more control and improved recovery after childbirth. 

Corporate packages mean you can care for your staff and keep them energised at their desk. Personal packages mean you can 'grab and go' short workouts or revel in a longer flowing class. 

Whole body movement and breath work will prevent you feeling stiff, achy or tired and will improve bone density and muscle tone. Lindsey is all about realistic goals and teaching you to develop functional movement that is safe and effective - to last for your whole life. If you want to be able to exercise, have energy, and an ease in your body both now and when you're in your 90's then it's time to get on board with this amazing teacher. Lindsey's thorough and clear teaching style will give you all this AND a calm and centred mind. Working in a subtle but powerful way, you will learn how to create balance in your body - whether it’s to support your sporting pursuits or your sedentary lifestyle. Everyone knows being strong isn’t only about shifting weights. This non competitive and graceful approach to movement means you can always achieve something and have fun along the way.

Register with our booking system below and then select the package that suits you. Pay as you go, a monthly membership or a high value VIP package. Or perhaps you'd like to try on demand? CLICK THE 'REGISTER' BUTTON BELOW.

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