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Does your work or chosen sport mean that you are suffering with aches and pains? Do you carry tension in your body and struggle to unwind or sleep? Massage could be part of the answer. Mike qualified as a physiotherapist in 1991 and practiced within the NHS for 17 years before branching out to specialise in private work. He now offers 2 forms of massage therapy; Sports Massage, which is focussed on recovery from training and injury, as well as assisting in prevention of future injury. He also practices Hawaiian Lomi Massage which is a much more holistic and relaxing form of massage.

Massage involves manipulation of the body’s soft tissues to aid recovery, restore mobility, improve circulation, boost performance and calm the mind. Although Mike attracts a lot of athletes (himself a triathlete) massage is for everyone.

"Thank you Mike, a Physiotherapist myself, I can't help but be rather particular about who I ask to treat me! With Mike having 17 years in Physiotherapy  practice himself, you get way more than a good massage when you book. With an understanding of the spine, neural dynamics as well as soft tissues, you will get a full musculoskeletal assessment as well as a great massage. I can't recommend  Mike highly enough."                                                 Jane . G (Client)                                                                                                      
"I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for massage. The fact he is a trained Physiotherapist was a great reassurance to me. It’s easy to book and park. The facilities are clean and quiet. It’s great value for money and anyone sporty will be in the hands of someone who understands as Mike is an enthusiastic and committed triathlete himself."

                                                                                                                                                Jack . H (Client)

TEXT / CALL: 07942 859823
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