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Lindsey Jackson


She knows that action is only consistently taken when we have self-belief and her coaching will support you to develop yours. If you’re looking for a nudge to unlock your potential - whether in business or lifestyle, Lindsey is your coach. Mum of two young adults she has juggled family and career elegantly. 


The theme that flows through every cell in her body is about health. She developed and created the worlds first DVD on Pilates in Pregnancy and went on to develop others, gaining physiotherapy endorsement.  She loves learning and having studied wellbeing for decades she decided to align herself with a range of high quality products that she can share with you. If you choose to work with her you will have the opportunity to be part of a positive team whilst developing your own income at your own pace. 


Mike Butterworth


Although he enjoyed this work, the shrinking NHS budgets meant that time with patients, the number of appointments allowed and limitations on the choice of treatment modalities were all under scrutiny and being squeezed. He felt compromised in the care he could give. 

The expanding business he was building in the world of video production, inspired Mike to take a leap of faith and leave the profession. Together with his wife they developed the worlds first Physiotherapy endorsed Pilates video, specifically for pregnant women. With little experience, Mike became producer / camera operative and soon they had an international best seller! This was the first of many Pilates DVD's to come. This flexible work allowed Mike to enjoy gaining other skills in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnoses and Sports Massage. Lindsey, had aligned with a health and nutrition company in 2008 called Forever Living Products. Initially just recommending products to her classmates and Mike’s massage clients, soon people were asking about the business model and were wanting to join their team so they could do the same. In 2015, Mike made it his mission to get in shape pioneering Forever Living’s weight management program. Getting great results Forever asked Mike to become one of their Global FIT Ambassadors. Mike now trains every day and has fallen in love with the sport of triathlon. He practices massage, both Sports and Hawaiian Lomi and together he and Lindsey continue to build their health and nutrition business together with Forever Living Products.

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