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How would YOU like to be for 2023?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Happy New Year to you!

I love the empty diary of a New Year - the feeling that I can put anything I want in it. Life feels pliable and mine! Do you?

To start the year we have a special offer for you. CLICK HERE FOR 10% DISCOUNT ON THE C9 or CLICK HERE FOR 10% DISCOUNT ON THE DX4 But first, read on.

January is a good time to reflect. Even more so now as we move out of the fear of a pandemic and into a world that is looking for stability and community.

If you’ve felt buffeted about in the last year, what is your focus for this one? You DO have a choice!

How would YOU like to be for 2023?

The connection between how we care for ourselves and how we show up in the world is pretty obvious. When we feel happy, calm and loving, our actions change. (It’s hard to self sabotage when we are feeling positive. We are far less likely to look for an addictive substance when we feel happy and full of love for ourselves?)

And of course when we feel better about ourselves we influence those around us and we help them feel positive too. This creates a great circle of friendships. Which in turn lift us up.

Christmas is an odd time of contradictions. We may take a break form work and spend time with loved ones but we often indulge in behaviours that make our bodies feel worse! Feeling toxic from too much food / alcohol and sluggish digestion and we sometimes take it out on others with our short fuse, our achy body and our lack of patience.

So todays blog is to help us all get back into a virtuous cycle. Here’s our suggested focus for January:

• Care for yourself.

• Work on your energy, health and mindset

• Influence those around you

• Reap the reward of a positive environment

In January 2023 it’s time to WORK ON YOURSELF first.

Ask yourself:

- How would I like to feel?

- How would I like to show up in life?

- How would I like people to feel around me?

- What do I need to give to myself to feel vibrant, so I can create a virtuous cycle in my life?


Do you need to give your body a break?

In the festive season it’s tricky to dodge the indulgent foods. And even though you may have good intentions now, it’s hard to break the habits. I know I find the sugar monster a tough thing to kick after the festivities. So many croissant, pies and chocolate!

If you’ve eaten more sugar than you intended, had alcohol and carbs until you’re fit to bust, then we’ve got the best kick start for you!

We know it’s not just about eating less and moving more. It’s about mindset, mindfulness and weaning yourself off bad habits. Good habits begin in the mind (and the gut) and we have 2 options to help you ‘reset’.

Choose our C9 (9 day cleanse) or the DX4 (4 day body balance) and you’ll quickly nip the festive habits in the bud. To decide which program might work best for you, check out THIS VIDEO

Let’s move into the New Year feeling good about ourselves and creating a positive world around us.


The C9 is our world renowned 9 day Cleanse. CLICK HERE to watch the C9 video.

With a superloading of nutrition and a calorie controlled programme you can aim to lose a few pounds or simply modify it to cleanse and maintain weight. 9 days is both do-able and habit forming. 95% of all our customers say they never felt hungry! With shakes, food and supplements to create good habits and kick the carb addiction this is such a great programme.

Choose from vanilla or chocolate shake. Then select the flavour aloe you want (peach, mango, plain or cranberry). With our support emails and optional daily Pilates, the cleanse process is really improved.

The all NEW DX4 is a shorter and vegan cleanse that balances your body. The right minerals, vitamins, protein shake and meals are fantastic. The mindful approach to this system is it’s biggest benefit. We focus on a goal and are taught to be more mindful. It alters our behaviour longer term. This programme creates lasting change.


I’ll be doing the DX4 and will document my progress on my pages. Follow my journey on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK

I know this is the right time for us all to care for ourselves. The world will benefit from some positivity. And it starts with US! I for one, can’t wait.

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