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The Glue that Holds us Together

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

You’d be forgiven for thinking this might be an article about social cohesion or community spirit. It’s not. Although that is on my mind.

But read on to learn about your own cohesion. If you love health and wellbeing (and want to feel good at a ripe old age) then this might blow you away.

The Greek work ‘Kolla’ means glue.

Just like the benefits of pro-biotics for our gut are now embedded in our wisdom …. collagen is the latest super trend. Science has revealed we all need it and often lack it. It is found all over our bodies in tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails and has a huge impact for our joints. I'm guessing it would help our guts too.

So when I was asked to trial this Marine Collagen from Forever I was excited to see how my body would respond.

Yes I was hoping for some miraculous skin improvements - I’m vain enough to still want to look youthful and bright in my skin.

But how was I to know the other effects this would have on my body? My niggling knee from running more, my sore back or my appetite and energy - were all affected positively.

We all have different views, but let me tell you where I come from.

My approach to my fitness and beauty regime is to keep it as natural as possible and help myself from the inside out. I’m not a botox, filler or dermabrasion fan. Largely because it doesn’t feel sustainable to me, not because I don’t want the results. But if I can take a natural product that has some known benefits and ends up supporting me systemically in other ways, I’m open to try.

When I learned that the added ingredients to this collagen would help mop up my ‘Free Radicals’ caused by stress (yup, we’ve had plenty recently) and the black pepper and acerola cherry would boost my own collagen production - I was delighted. If I can help my body balance itself, then 'bingo'.

Apparently we have various types of collagen, but type 1 is 90% of the one our body needs. It depletes as we age, and our lifestyle can speed up the depletion (smokers, drinkers etc beware).

I was a bit concerned that the 3000mg of collagen in this product wasn’t as ‘good’ as other ones I’ve heard of. We all tend think more is better don't we? But the combo of ingredients has shown me otherwise. It has mainly Type 1 collagen but also has relevant amounts of type 2,4,5,7,8,10 and 11. The additional vitamins and botanicals in it stimulate my bodies own collagen production, so it’s better than just ingesting an external source. (I’m so just glad someone else has done the science and the research on this, so I can get what I need and don’t have to think about it.)

It’s also hydrolysed (chopped up). This makes it easier to absorb and utilise in our bodies. You can learn more about it here if you want the full info.

The exciting news? A scalp issue I’ve had for 30 years has completely vanished. And it used to be sore and get me down. Despite medical checks (I was told it was caused by stress) nothing helped. But now it’s gone!

AND my knee pain is gone (this had stopped me walking a few months ago). Using this alongside the other Forever sports products I continue to run miles, teach Pilates/Yoga and walk, hike and garden pain free.

As for my skin, hair and nails….. you’ll have to be the judge of that! But for a menopausal woman with little time for self care I feel pleased with how I'm ageing.

What does this mean for you?

When you’re thinking about holding yourself together… remember glue is useful!

And here's an offer you will love.

If you’d like to try this collagen there’s a 60 day money back guarantee and you can chart your own progress - with a full refund if you don’t feel a benefit. Forever is a cool company in that way. Just email me (as I've got a secret supply) and I can send you some. or text me on 07884315096.

P.S.The details for those with a strong conscience

  • responsibly sourced

  • not farmed fish

  • no heavy metals

  • no shark / shellfish or crustaceans

  • has a negative carbon footprint in it’s manufacture

love Lindsey


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